The Alliance for Zero Extinction has released an updated set of sites, coinciding with the 2010 meeting of the parties on the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan. There are now 920 species at 588 sites globally. Below you can explore the AZE dataset in different formats (map, database). For parties interested in using the AZE data, please read and abide by the following Terms of Reference

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IUCN and UNEP-WCMC (2010), The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) [On-line]. Cambridge, UK: UNEP- WCMC. Available at:

Main contributors:Leon Bennun, Tom Brooks, Stuart Butchart, Naamal De Silva, Lincoln Fishpool, Matt Foster, David Knox, Kellee Koenig, John Lamoreux, Juan Martinez, Ian May, Mike Parr, Benjamin Skolnik, Amy Upgren, George Wallace. AZE is especially grateful to IUCN and its Species Survival Commission (SSC) and Specialist Groups for use of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in assembling the global AZE site list

AZE Contributors: Fakhar -i- Abbas, Ariadne Argulo, Medani Bhandari, Caleb Ofori Boateng, Carolyn Bocian, Jean-Pierre Boudot, Neil Burgess, Tom Butynski, David Caro, Gerardo Ceballos, Susan Childes, Don Church, Jose Oswaldo Cortes, Alfredo Cuaron, David Diaz, Gláucia Drummond, Gordon Dryden, Graham Edgar, Mike Hoffman, Richard Jenkins, Jonathan Kolby, Enrique La Marca, Daniel Lebbin, Victor Luna, Marcio Martins, Helen Meredith, Leanne Miller, Sanjay Molur, Jim Moore, Robin Moore, Jaime Garcia Moreno, John Oates, Michael Pappas, Ted Pappenfus, M. Patrikeev, John Pilgrim, Eduardo Pineda, Bob Powell, Alonso Quevedo, Anders Rhodin, Russell Thorstrom, Jack Tordoff, Renping Wang, David Wege, Byron Wilson, Peter Paul van Dijk, Vanessa K. Verdade, Rosa Maria Vidal